Does a Personal Injury Attorney’s Trial Record Affect a Case?

Does a Personal Injury Attorney’s Trial Record Affect a Case

Insurance companies and their representatives know which personal injury attorneys have a proven record of winning at trial and those who do not. Therefore, it is believed that insurance companies pay larger settlements to attorneys they know can successfully beat a case at trial.

A personal injury attorney who lacks experience is often intimidated by insurance company attorneys and may often try to settle for an amount that is less than the case is worth to get the case settled.

While achieving a quick settlement is always a desired goal, it is often not in the client’s best interest. Therefore, it is often necessary to go to trial to secure the best results. Remember, having an experienced trial attorney with a proven record of success in your corner means that you can expect the best possible results in and out of the courtroom.

While too many other personal injury attorneys pretend to provide full legal services for their injury clients, they are often ill-equipped to go to trial if necessary.

A fast-talking lawyer who boasts of past successes or assures a big dollar win when enticing prospective clients to sign retainer agreements may lack the ability or resources to take a case to trial when the insurance company’s offer is unreasonably low and unfair.

A personal injury attorney who lacks trial experience and does not have a proven track record of success in the trial will likely try to settle cases for a lower amount to avoid trial at all costs.

The insurance companies and the defense attorneys, who vigorously oppose personal injury claims, know who these lawyers settle cheaply are and only authorize minimal settlement offers to those less qualified lawyers and the clients they represent.

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