Content is considered the king when it comes to effective site promotion. It is nearly impossible to imagine a website without content or any text. Therefore content optimization is very important from this perspective. It would help in putting your site at top rankings in the search engines. Avoid over-stuffing the content with keywords otherwise, it would make it Spam. Keep it informative and well-targeted.

The best idea is to gather detailed information about your products and write content accordingly. You can publish new and fresh content, so that search engine spiders gorge on it and give due recognition to your website.

You can keep the keywords in the proper category and then give them an individual description. Experts advise starting the content with the first keyword that is present in the title tag. The ratio of keywords should be a maximum of two in a paragraph of 50 words. Use simple yet informative language and words in the content which can be understood easily by the masses.

Each and every search engine gives the most preference to the web content, as the search engine spiders always try to accumulate fresh content in their database. So update it regularly but don’t over-stuff the web page.

If the amount of content is very huge, you can divide it accordingly to other pages as well. Insert targeted keywords on each page. Try to stay away from publishing unwanted hyped content on your website, otherwise, you may lose potential customers.

Using too many targeted keywords does not mean content optimization, so keep it moderate and right. The concept of content optimization makes the web text more useful for the readers and also draws the attention of the search engines.

Ask the content writer to keep the content in the relevance of your targeted keywords for a particular web page. It does not mean that you cannot use other keywords, but pay more emphasis on main keywords. After this stage, you can put it into the required HTML pages for testing the menu and also the text links.
While creating the content, you can use a simple word processor that contains a spell checker too. A complicated word processor should be avoided as far as possible, it may require decoding the hidden formatting. In case you use it, first save it as text and then -copy-paste to the HTML document. You can also consider writing content straight into the HTML editor.